Box Spring Encasement - Various Sizes

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Bed bugs are resilient hitchhikers that move easily between rooms and multi-unit dwellings. They enjoy living close to humans in dark spaces, making mattresses and box springs their perfect homes. The dreamSERENE® Secure Cover uses heavyweight, durable fabric to provide outstanding durability against tearing and abrasion from mattress movement and rubbing against the bed frame. Our unique dreamSEAL® stops bed bugs from penetrating through so you can have a comfortable night’s rest.

• Micro-zipper and dreamSEAL® technology seal the box spring to prevent bed bugs from entering and exiting

• Heavyweight fabric for outstanding durability against tearing from mattress movement and rubbing against the bed frame

• All of BedPure’s 3-sided zipper encasements use the highest quality micro-fine zipper providing you with the utmost confidence in that no bed bugs can slip through the zipper teeth

• Hypoallergenic

• Main panel: 100% Polyethylene

• 5-Year Warranty

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