STR127 - Bedroom Set - Double or Queen - NB-127

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STR127 - Bedroom Set - Double or Queen  NB-127

Complete Bedroom Set includes: 

2 x Night Tables
Queen or Double Size Bed

Shown in colour "Red Swirl Glossy"

Please note that the Handles shown in the picture may be different from the ones that
are supplied with your furniture.

Pieces can also be purchased separately as shown below.

Dresser: 31"H x 58 W x 15.75" D

Armoir: 61"H x 29.5" W x  15.75" D

Night Table: 23"H x 19.75" W x 13.75" D

Headboard: 48"H x 67" W x 2" D

Mirror: 40.25"H x 30"D x 2"D

Box Spring, Mattress and Frame are Not Included.

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